Reasons to get Mesotherapy for your Hair Loss Treatment

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Mesotherapy is a proven hair loss treatment in Dubai. Do you know why and what benefits does this procedure have? Let’s have a look at them.

Direct access to the dermis layer:

Mesotherapy, also known as micro-needling, is a new delivery technology that allows for an immediate physical passage deep into the upper skin layers. Physicians can supply active compounds to the skin with greater precision, leading to improved effects.

Promotes Hair cells:

Each hair strand is connected to a hair shaft, a portion of your skin. There is a sebum gland within every follicle which is important to maintain your scalp damp and moisturized by reabsorbing oils found in the body.

Mesotherapy uses microscopic needles to activate hair follicles, generating growth components from keratinocytes necessary for hair development and regeneration.

hair loss treatment dubaiSafe, pain-free, and dependable:

This point proves Mesotherapy to be a successful hair loss treatment in Dubai. Mesotherapy is a cutting-edge remedy for baldness and hair thinning that is both effective and painless when opposed to expensive surgical treatments. It’s also medicinal, and it doesn’t harm the surrounding tissue.

Boost scalp immunity:

Mesotherapy can give general restoration for the scalp while boosting new hair growth and repairing hair cells. When opposed to other body areas, the scalp’s skin folds with more keratinocytes and tissue regeneration that aid in the formation of lengthier, denser, finer hair. Mesotherapy helps the creation of new blood vessels and repairing the previous ones.

Decrease Scalp Inflammation:

Dandruff, and psoriasis, are some conditions in which the hair roots become severely damaged and irritated. Mesotherapy significantly minimizes the risk of scalp irritation by enhancing the scalp therapeutically, resulting in a healthy place for hair growth.

Recover PH Levels:

Dirt, grime, and oil can block the hair follicles, even those on the heads, leading to abnormal skin pH levels. This uneven distribution can have a significant impact on the skin’s capacity to shield our bodies and fight illness, as well as harm the hair and scalp. Exfoliating your scalp daily, just like exfoliating your face, can help to improve its pH levels and promote a softer, healthier scalp. Mesotherapy can assist you in this because of the active elements used in the therapy, which exfoliates your scalp thoroughly.

So, mesotherapy is a wonderful and economical procedure that may give you healthier-looking hair in a matter of weeks. For more info on this hair loss treatment in Dubai, contact Wellbeing Clinic.

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