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Practicing a healthy skincare regimen is the way to bring back your 20s while keeping your skin hydrated, fresh, and glowy at all times. The best skincare doctor in Dubai can check your skin and assist you with anti-aging creams and serums to help reduce the aging signs like wrinkles or loose skin. Other benefits involve:

  • Preventing blemishes or spotty textures on the skin
  • Making your skin firm
  • Eliminating any wrinkles or fine lines
  • Offering gleaming and youthful skin complexion
  • Dodging rugged, dry, or rough skin
  • Diminishing risks of skin diseases like cancer

Want to know more about it? Follow these well-researched anti-aging tips and advice from the best skincare doctor in Dubai.

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UV rays protection:

There is a term called photoaging, defined as early aging of the skin due to the harmful direct rays of the sun. Sun protection creams and foundations highly aid us to abbreviate or completely reduce the ill effects of the sun.

Here are some tips from dermatologists to shield your skin!

  • Find shade: At times when the sun is directly overhead, your shadow appears smaller. This is usually during the time between 10 A.M to 2 P.M. Try to stay indoors or stay under roofed areas during this time.
  • Accessorize in fashion: Wide-brimmed hats are the perfect way to cover up your face while bracing the fashion standards. Also, dress up fully, wear sunglasses, gloves, and pants to cover your entire body.
  • Don’t go out without Sunscreen: Apply a good amount of sunscreen on yourself every time you step out of your house. Only buy sunscreen with high spectrum protection, preferable SPF 30 or more.

Skip Sun tanning:

Sun tanning might look beautiful and bold, but it is not great in the long run as its harmful effects include fastening skin aging. 

Moisturize your Skin Daily:

Fine lines and visible wrinkles are a result of dry skin. Using moisturizer hydrates your skin and makes it more fresh and young. It’s better if you use separate types of moisturizer for different areas like lip lotion, body, and face moisturizers.

Avoid Dirt Deposition:

Wash your skin with soap to remove dirt or dust. You can also scrub it away.

Quit Smoking:

A smoker’s skin eventually gets dry, loose, and loses its natural complexion due to the harmful toxins in tobacco.

Go healthy and Sleep Enough:

Healthy fruits and Veggies and an 8-hour sleep promote a wholesome lifestyle.

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