General Medicine - Caring for patients

General Medicine – Caring for patients

The General Practitioner at Wellbeing Clinic manages patients with multiple health issues and chronic medical problems. Our GP has a holistic approach towards illnesses and focuses on preventive healthcare rather than prescribing lots of medicine. In case of serious conditions requiring specialized care, you will be referred to one of our specialist by our General Practitioner.

  • Assessment of patients with undefined symptoms and complaints – to help in diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Annual/Periodic Health Checks, Laboratory tests, Vaccination of children & adults. Preventive health care and lifestyle advice.
  • Management of chronic diseases such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Lipid Disorders.
  • Asses and recommend treatment for diseases of the digestive system, kidney diseases, respiratory system disorders, nervous system, skin, allergy and immunity related problems. 
  • Treatment of colds, cough & flu, ear or eye infection.
  • Hay fever and rhinitis treatment.
  • ECG Test (Electro-Cardio- Gram), Sugar Test (Glucometer test).

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