Dental Crowns in Dubai

Restore and Enhance Your Smile with Dental Bridges and Dental Crowns in Dubai

Teeth can break, fracture, or weaken over time due to decay, accidents, or regular usage. With the right dental care, your natural teeth may survive a lifetime, no matter how badly they’ve been damaged.

Dental Crowns and dental bridges in Dubai are fixed prosthetic solutions used to replace damaged or missing teeth.

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Dental Crowns in Dubai

A dental crown conceals broken or unattractive teeth. At Wellbeing Clinic, we can assist you in selecting a crown that is both durable and useful. Thanks to digital assistance, we deliver the greatest dental crowns in Dubai, a true tooth-like crown that may last a lifetime.

When do you need a dental crown?

  • To prevent additional damage to your teeth
  • As an alternative to a dental filling
  • To fill a gap in a fractured tooth
  • Following a root canal procedure
  • Mask a deformed tooth.

Dental Bridges in Dubai

A dental bridge bridges the gap between your teeth if one or more teeth are missing, and we make sure to give you the best dental bridges in Dubai.

What is the purpose of a dental bridge?

  • To confidently smile
  • To re-establish confidence
  • To avoid tooth shifting, TMD, sunken cheeks, and premature aging caused by missing teeth.
  • To regain your ability to chew
  • To enhance your ability to communicate


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