Invisible Aligners

Invisible Aligner – Wellbeing Dental Care

Invisible aligners are the ones that are placed over uneven teeth in order to straighten them and give it a proper shape. They are made of custom filled plastic that is transparent and doesn’t affect your normal look. You can wear all the time, and won’t have to be insecure about going out in front of the world.

They hold a plethora of health benefits for your teeth and can enhance the texture of your teeth. Some of the major benefits of teeth aligners are as follows.

How Invisible Aligner Helps Teeth Straightening

A straightened tooth means a healthier and hygienic oral cavity and a more pleasing appearance. Invisible aligners help in correcting various orthodontic problems that involve straightening crooked teeth, halitosis and a lot of other dental problems. Some of the other benefits of taking up invisible aligners are as follows:

Other Teeth Straightening Options

Cosmetic Contouring

If your teeth are not aligned due to some mishap or maybe crooked by birth, then cosmetic contouring is another option that you can go for. The procedure is generally completed in a single visit and takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most common thing for teeth straightening. They include brackets, bonding material, arch wire and ligature elastic, which hold the teeth together. These units work together to exert pressure on the teeth in a specific direction.

The Benefit of Invisible Teeth Aligner

  • Putting on teeth aligners are often known to reduce tooth decay because various studies have shown that people who have aligners are less likely to dig into that bowl of candy or any other sugary food substances. The simple act of removing the aligners to eat, and brushing before putting them back in after the snack, is enough to make customers think twice before dipping their hands into the candy bowl.
  • Not only has that, but taking up invisible aligners also improved dental health. It is important to brush and floss before putting on those aligners so that no foods remain stuck in the teeth. It is also important is to maintain a regular visit to your dentist, to ensure that the aligners are in the perfect hygienic condition.
  • A lot of people with aligners have also seen to be quitting smoking permanently. This helped them increase the durability of their aligners much more, and also staved off all the risks that come with smoking. Taking up invisible aligners is enough to encourage people to kick the habit that most of them already wanted to do in the first place!