Pearl White Smile

Teeth Whitening Dubai

One of the most common concerns for our patients is how they can achieve whiter teeth. At Wellbeing Clinic, we offer state-of-the-art teeth whitening which can remove stains and discolouration in a single treatment. Our General and Cosmetic Dentist can make your smile few shades brighter in less than an hour. Our specialist has extensive experience whitening teeth using an innovative and non-invasive approach, helping patients improve their smiles. Your comfort, safety, and results are our highest priorities, and our team is dedicated to providing an exceptional experience from start to finish.

Our teeth whitening procedure is called Pearl White Smile.

What is PEARL WHITE SMILE procedure like?

An effective way of whitening your natural teeth!

Pearl White Smile is a teeth whitening treatment for the enamel discolouration and stains, that involves few steps:

  • Smile Polishing (Dental cleaning)
  • Gums protection with a special gel
  • Whitening gel application to your teeth
  • The procedure is finalized with the Ultraviolet LED Light, the latest Italian technology to accelerate the bleaching process.

The results vary from patient to patient but the teeth will definitely get few shades whiter.

What causes stains on your teeth?

Teeth can get stains from food or drinks, medications, alcohol and tobacco use.
The following list of items should be avoided after the teeth whitening treatment to extend the results from the teeth whitening Dubai treatment.

Things to Avoid:

Wine, coffee, tea, juices, sodas and tobacco use (smoking).

Beautiful Smile is Wellbeing Clinic‘s specialty. Dubai’s premier Teeth Whitening Dubai is gentle on your teeth and gum. So, get your beautiful and sparkling smile back with our treatment. Our dental team offers the safe and best customized dental treatment plan to bring a shine to your teeth. With modern equipment and the latest technology, Wellbeing Clinic’s advanced dental clinic offers a solution to any of your dental concerns. Your beautiful smile starts here. To schedule an appointment, call +971-4-3484406.