Tattoo Removal Dubai

The laser technology for tattoo removal is available at Wellbeing Clinic in Dubai – SPECTRA Lutronic, a laser technology that acts like a giant eraser and you can see the ink fading away with each treatment.

The Laser Tattoo Removal in Dubai is a safe and easy way to remove pigments and tattoos. Laser light is calibrated to direct an intense energy pulse at the tattoo. The tattoo ink is then thermo-acoustically broken up into minute particles that the body can readily absorb.   As the laser attacks the tattoo, a light grey “frosting” appears on the tattoo, a signal that the appropriate energy was applied and the removal process will begin.

The body’s lymphatic system will then carry away the pigment fragments, which will then be excreted from the body.

Our specialist takes into account that every person and every tattoo that is unique therefore the technique and approach is different every time. The number of sessions and the fees are determined by the size, color and complexity of each tattoo.

The Q-Switched Laser Spectra has become the gold standard treatment for across all colors of tattoo removal.


How does Laser Tattoo Removal work?

Removal of tattoos depends on the principle of selective photothermolysis; when the proper wavelength is applied the ink absorbs the energy preferentially, causing it to break down. The body’s natural healing processes remove broken down pigment over time. Numerous sessions are required to maximize results.

The Q-switched laser is the most commonly used device for tattoo removal. Modulation of treatment parameters allows users to customize treatment based on the condition and skin type of the individual patient, to maximize results as well as manage patient comfort and the potential for side effects. The 1064nm wavelength Nd:YAG is recognized as the safest choice for the treatment of darker skin types.

Does it really work for everyone?

Some tattoos will respond only partially, while others will completely disappear. There are many factors involved in the equation: location of tattoo, the depth of the placement, the color of the ink, the health/lifestyle of the patient, and the tattoo removal system. For example, tattoo removal in smokers typically takes more treatments; diabetes also slows the process of removal.

My tattoo has many colours. Can it be removed?

Our q-switched laser can effectively clear all tattoo pigment colors like black, red, dark and light blue and green, but yellow and orange are the hardest colors to remove and may never completely resolve. All of the colors might take multiple treatments to achieve the desired result.

What happens during the procedure?

The nurse will apply a numbing lotion on the tattoo then the laser beam rapidly moves across the tattoo. The intensity of the laser is adjusted for each color and several passes may be done over the tattoo.

The entire treatment session is quick, with total treatment time usually taking only 30 to 60 seconds.

How much is the cost for Laser Tattoo removal?

The cost varies, depending on the tattoo size. We have packages available. For a Free Consultation in order to receive a quote please book an appointment on 0562708686 or 043484406.