When Should You Take The Physiotherapy Treatment?

In most cases, people associate physiotherapy with an injured athlete or a disabled person learning to move. However, physiotherapy is a much wider branch with a wider scope of treating people suffering from several day-to-day problems. Physiotherapy is the efficient treatment of such underlying body issues. Our Dubai physiotherapy clinic pays exclusive attention to give your body the relaxation it deserves. But, you must know the signs to understand when you need physiotherapy.

Signs That You Need Physiotherapy

Loss of Balance

Loss of balance is an indication of problems in the inner ear. The human inner ear is designed with structures which play a vital role in maintaining the body’s balance. Therefore, most disorders which put pressure on the inner ear display several symptoms like dizziness, vertigo and the inadequate ability to maintain body balance.

One of the most advanced physiotherapy techniques is the vestibular treatment. Our Dubai physiotherapy clinic uses this procedure to treat such symptoms. The patient is examined thoroughly and once done, our team of expert physiotherapists can build a suitable treatment schedule which includes several exercises for the head, neck and the eyes. The objective of these exercises is to reconfigure the nervous system in such a manner that treats the inner ear issues.

Pain While Sitting

Pain while sitting at a desk is not an uncommon feeling. In fact, most people with office desk jobs face this issue on a daily basis. Sometimes, the pain manifests itself as a backache or a headache. The reason behind this pain is staying in one posture for an extensive amount of time which results in straining of joints, thus causing the ache. The human body needs movements every now and then to avoid any cramping of the joints and the muscles. Hence, you must give your body regular breaks by keeping it actively in motion.

Our Dubai physiotherapy clinic focuses on giving your body the correct kind of exercises which relieve your body from any tension or stress. We also provide consultations about proper posture and healthier work habits to keep your body from pain.

Constant Pain

Your body cancer for constant pain when you get injured. However, the pain subsides as the tissue heals. Even then, there are times when the pain doesn’t go away like it normally should. In some cases, the pain remains unexpectedly and turns into a chronic ailment. This is especially seen in case of injuries caused in the lower back and neck regions. Apart from injuries, there can be several other reasons for the pain. For instance, it can be caused due to improper posture or even because of aging.

Our Dubai physiotherapy clinic works diligently to solve such issues. We provide a strategically built exercise regime which helps your muscles to ease. Our rehabilitation programme includes treatment for pain which involves massage, exercises, education and manipulation such that your body efficiently recovers from the damage caused.

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Inflexibility in Movement

If you observe problems in your flexibility or any declination of mobility, you need physiotherapy. The lack of smooth movements is a sure sign that your body is demanding for Physiotherapy treatment. A standard example of this is the inability to reach your toes. Our physiotherapists at Dubai physiotherapy clinic critically scrutinize the issues related to your body and use Physiotherapy treatment to relax the strained muscles and strengthen the damaged tissues. This enhances your flexibility and gives more mobility to your body.

Inconsistency in Urination

Uncontrollable and inconsistent urinary problems are quite common in women than in men. The problem increases with the passage of age. There are two types of urinary inconsistencies that you need to look out for. The first one is inconsistency based on urge which means you feel the intense need to urinate. At times, you are bound to face urinary leakage. The second type of urinary inconsistency is due to stress. By stress, we mean coughing or sneezing which puts pressure on your bladder and leads to leakage.

Our experts at Dubai physiotherapy clinic help you in controlling your urinary inconsistencies by designing for you a set of pelvic floor exercises. These exercises help you in taking more control of your bladder, thus providing consistent urination.

Summing Up

Our bodies speak to us through 2 different sensations whether they are tingling sensations, painful sensations, or gut instinct of not feeling well. With our Dubai physiotherapy clinic, we make sure that our patients have healthy and more relaxed bodies which function devoid of any pain or soreness. Reach Wellbeing Clinic for the most reliable Physiotherapy treatments available in Dubai.


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