What To Expect During Your Root Canal Procedure?

Tooth problems can be absolute nightmares. Despite being a quite common medical procedure, root canal treatment remains to be one of the most feared treatments. However, that’s only a myth. How? Let us explain to you in detail everything you should expect while having a root canal treatment.

Signs You Need A Root Canal

We, at Wellbeing Clinic, have a team of experts to guide you through root canal treatment. Following are the signs and symptoms to let you know that you need root canal treatment.

  1. Constant pain- One of the sure signs of tooth decay is constant pain. The pain can be mild at the beginning but grows from an inflammation to an unbearable tooth decay.

  2. Chipped tooth- Once your tooth decays, it causes nerves to get exposed which further turns into an infection. Your tooth will be extremely painful and might get chipped.

  3. Sensitivity- Sensitive teeth are caused by blood vessels and nerves affected due to infection. You won’t be able to enjoy cold or hot food because of painful sensations in your tooth and the area around it.

  4. Swollen gums- Swollen gums indicate that you definitely need root canal treatment. The inflammation is caused by the infected tissue beneath the tooth.

  5. Discoloration- Tooth discoloration is caused by several reasons. One of those reasons is the damage caused to nerve vessels.

The Root Canal Procedure

We, at Wellbeing Clinic, have assembled a team of dentists and endodontists to cater to your dental needs. Our experts will take an x-ray of your tooth to make sure that a root canal treatment is possible.

Root canal treatment is highly feared because of the possibilities of pain caused during the process. But, we ensure that you don’t feel any discomfort by using sedation dentistry. A local anesthesia is applied to the area of decay so that you won’t feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure.

A dental dam is placed over your mouth. The motive behind this is to isolate the tooth that requires root canal treatment and to keep any debris from entering your mouth. Our dentist will efficiently drill the decaying parts away and extract the inside of the tooth that has pulp stored in it. Once this is done, the dentist will use special files intended to scrub the inside of the root of the tooth, thus clearing the area from any infection.

Our dentists make sure that the area is completely devoid of any infection. Once it is confirmed that the infected areas have been eradicated, the inside of the tooth will be disinfected. Next, the roots of the tooth will be filled up with Gutta Percha, a natural latex that will keep your tooth from regaining the infection. The crown portion, thereafter, will be filled with a harder composite to seal the tooth.

root canal treatmentPost-Procedure Treatment And Care

Root canal treatment is a painless procedure. However, you are bound to feel some soreness or pain to some extent once the anesthesia stops working. Antibiotics will be prescribed to you by our dentists so that it keeps your tooth away from any swelling or bacterial infection. You will also be prescribed painkillers to ease the pain or discomfort. In any case, we wouldn’t encourage unprescribed painkillers.

In the initial days after the root canal treatment, you may find it easier to chew on the opposite side of your mouth. Softer foods are recommended more because they tend to cause far less discomfort. Additionally, brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day is mandatory to keep your mouth from any infection.

After the root canal treatment, you must visit the dentist a week thereafter to ensure that the tooth is healing well. Your tooth will also be given a crown. Because of losing most of the inner structure, your tooth will be brittle. The crown is meant to keep your tooth strong and from breaking while chewing food.

Summing Up

Root canal treatment isn’t a scary procedure unlike its notorious reputation. We, at Wellbeing Clinic, make sure that you have a very smooth experience of restoring your tooth for ages to come.

In any case, if you require a root canal or you simply just want us to check if your tooth needs a root canal treatment, you can always reach us at +971-4-3484406. Feel free to reach out for a Free Consultation today!

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