Physiotherapy – A Sure-Shot Treatment For Back Pain

Physiotherapy is known to help people from all age groups with medical conditions, injuries, or illnesses limiting their regular ability to function or even move. With a customized physiotherapy program can help you get back to your prior functioning level. By encouraging such activities and lifestyle changes, you can improve your health and wellbeing and even prevent further injuries. Wellbeing Clinic is among the top clinics in Dubai for Physiotherapy. Whatever it is that you are looking for – lower back pain treatment Dubai, spinal decompression therapy Dubai, we have got you covered.

Whenever you have a pain issue, doctors often recommend going to a physiotherapist as it is a conservative approach for managing problems. But, do you ever wonder what makes physiotherapy so important? Here are a few reasons why Physiotherapy is a sure-shot treatment:

  1. Eliminate or reduce pain – Through therapeutic and manual therapy exercises, you can get rid of your pain and restore your joint and muscle function. A few examples of such techniques are soft tissue and joint mobilization or taping, ultrasound or electrical stimulation. With these therapies, you can even prevent pain from returning.

  2. Avoid surgery – If you can heal from an injury or eliminate pain through physical therapy, you will not surgery anymore. And even if you do need surgery, pre-surgery physical therapy can benefit you a lot. You will be in better shape and stronger and will recover faster after the procedure. Moreover, you can reduce healthcare costs by avoiding surgery.

  3. Improve mobility – If you have trouble standing or moving, physiotherapy can help you, regardless of the age you are in. With strengthening and stretching exercises, you will be able to restore your mobility. Also, physiotherapists can help you fit assistive devices like cane and crutches. They work on a customized individual care plan for you. According to this, they will make you practice the activity that is important to you and help you adapt to ensuring maximal safety and performance.

  4. Recovery after a stroke – After a stroke, many people lose some degree of movement and function. With Physiotherapy, you can strengthen the weakened body parts and improve your balance and gait. They can also help improve your ability of moving and transferring to the bed so that you can be more independent at home. This way, you will be able to reduce your burden of care for bathing, dressing, toileting, or any other daily living activity.

  5. Recover or prevent a sports injury – Sports can increase the risk for specific injuries like stress fractures. Keeping this in mind, physical therapists can design the right prevention or recovery exercise programs to ensure that you are able to return to your sport safely.

  6. spinal decompression therapy Dubai Prevent falls by improving your balance – Before you start physiotherapy, you will be screened for fall risk. In case you are at high risk, a physiotherapist will recommend exercises that challenge your balance safely and carefully while mimicking real-life situations. They can also help you with exercise and assistive devices that can improve your coordination and help you walk safely. If your issue with the balance is caused because of a vestibular system’s issue, a physiotherapist can perform maneuvers that can restore proper vestibular functioning quickly while reducing or eliminating the symptoms of vertigo or dizziness.

  7. Manage vascular conditions and diabetes – Exercise is a part of the diabetes management plan as it can help control blood sugar effectively. Also, people with diabetes often have issues with sensation in their legs and feet. A Physiotherapist can help by providing and educating you on proper foot care so that you can prevent further problems in the future.

  8. Manage age-related problems – As you grow old, you might develop osteoporosis or arthritis and need a joint replacement. With the help of physiotherapy, you can recover from joint replacement effectively. Also, physical therapy can help manage osteoporotic or arthritic conditions conservatively.

  9. Manage lung and heart disease – When people have a heart attack or a heart procedure, they often go for complete cardiac rehabilitation. This involves physical therapy, especially if your day-to-day functioning is affected. In the case of pulmonary problems, physical therapy can strengthen and condition your lungs through breathing exercises. This helps in clearing the fluids in the lungs and improving the quality of life.

  10. Manage women’s health – There are specific health concerns for women like with pregnancy, postpartum care, and others. With the help of physiotherapy, you can manage these issues. A physiotherapist can also provide you a specialized treatment for breast cancer, bowel incontinence, fibromyalgia, constipation, male pelvic health, lymphedema, urinary continence, and pelvic pain.

At Wellbeing Clinic, we have a Physiotherapy team that is dedicated to improving your health and wellbeing. We specialize in spinal decompression therapy Dubai and lower back pain treatment Dubai. We will work with you to create the best plan to relieve the back pain and restore normal movement.

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