Melasma And How You Can Get Rid Of It

Melasma or Pigmentation is caused when the melanin (skin pigment) is produced excessively resulting in localized patches on the cheeks, forehead, skin, bridge of the nose, and upper lip. These patches are darker than the other skin. It is primarily caused by hormonal changes, aging, pregnancy, sin damage, acne, and inherited genetics. Although melasma and pigmentation can affect men as well as women, it mainly affects the latter.

Even though Melasma doesn’t have any health risks or is painful, it does cause a lot of emotional distress to the millions of women affected by it. It is a vexing and persistent condition where dark patches are developed on the face. It is a difficult condition to be treated and there is a lot of information on the internet regarding what causes it and how you can treat it.

If you have a darker skin type, you are at a higher risk of developing Melasma because your skin has more active cells that produce pigment. When these cells turn hyperactive and start producing too much pigment in specific areas of the skin, melasma appears. The mechanism for melasma is similar to that of brown freckles and age spots. But, melasma patches are usually larger. It does have a genetic component and can run in families.

There are a lot of reasons that might cause melasma. The two most common ones are:

1. Hormones and hormonal medications – Melasma can be caused by fluctuations in hormones. This is why it usually occurs during pregnancy. It can also occur if you start or stop taking hormonal contraception like birth control pills. If you have started hormone replacement therapy, you can get affected by Melasma as well.

2. Sun exposure – One of the biggest culprits in triggering melasma is the sun. Even if you have underlying factors like hormonal changes, they won’t manufacturer until you are out to a location where you have to spend some time in the sun. So, no matter what the underlying cause is, the major exacerbating factor is the sun. In fact, it is not just the sun’s rays that can cause or worsen Melasma, but also visible light and heat. This means that the sunscreen you use that provides you protection against skin cancer won’t be enough for warding off melasma. This is also the reason why treating melasma is challenging, especially during the summer.

Here are some of the available treatment options that you can go for:

Melasma Treatment in Dubai

1. Hollywood Nano Carbon Peel – This is one of the most excellent and popular treatment options for Melasma, a condition that is extremely frustrating for the affected person. Immediately after the treatment, you will see that your pores are minimized, the complexion is glowing and you need less makeup for camouflaging the pigmented area. After each treatment, the results for melasma, pigmentation, and sunspots will get better.

The Nanopulse Laser Carbon peel is considered to be the gold standard for treating moderate to deep pigmentation. The laser energy will be targeting the pigment, breaking it gently, and then ablating it. This way, the immune system of the body will remove the pigment particles naturally. All the patients that are undergoing the treatment for melasma should avoid sun exposure and always wear sunblock.

2. Chemical Peels – This is among the least invasive ways for improving the skin’s appearance. The chemical peel can help in improving the following:

  • Acne or acne scars
  • Rough skin
  • Scaly patches
  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Freckles
  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Skin pigmentation

Depending on your condition, one of the following chemical peels will be used:

  • Light chemical peel – This chemical peel shoes subtle improvements first. With more treatments, the healthy glow will increase.
  • Medium chemical peel – With this, your skin will get noticeably fresher and smoother.
  • Deep chemical peel – This peel fives dramatic results. However, it also has the longest recovery.

3. Fractional CO2 resurfacing laser – In the cosmetic dermatology, Fractional CO2 resurfacing laser is among the most versatile lasers. When used with different parameters, it can treat the following skin conditions successfully:

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