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People are dealing with various forms of stress that lead them to various eye disorders. These problems include the most common terms, i.e., the “eye bags” and “dark circles.” Well, are these two the same? No, they are not.

Then what’s the difference? Let’s have a read before going for dark circles treatment in Dubai.

What is it?

The darkening of the area below the eyes is known as dark circles. On the other hand, eye bags usually are a type of inflammation that appears around the eyes and can resemble bags.

What are the Symptoms?

Dark circles appear like back patches under the eyes. It can affect just one eye, but it usually involves both of them at the same time. If left untreated, the discoloration gets worse over time. This blackness is generally distinct from discoloration induced by bruising, injury, or infection-related reddening.

Whereas, in eye bags, the normal fat that supports the eyes protrudes into the lower eyelids, making them seem puffy. Also, fluid may collect in the region beneath your eyes,  causing bulging.

What are the causes?

Sleeplessness and fatigue are the leading causes of dark circles. The majority of persons with dark circles say they don’t get enough sleep. Another aspect that causes dark circles is skin thinning that can occur for two causes, i.e., aging and an absence of a skincare regimen.

As we become older, our skin thins down and loses collagen. It happens especially in the area surrounding the eyes. The blood vessels beneath the skin become more exposed when the skin thins, and they seem to peek through, making the skin turn black in some areas. Some other factors that form dark circles are sun overexposure, dehydration, allergies, genetics, consistent use of laptops or smartphones, and much more.

On the contrary, eye bags are typically triggered by sagging fat. Several other factors involve inadequate sleep, fatigue, allergies, smoking, etc. High salt consumption can aggravate swelling and eye bags even more. Insufficient skin care can add to the problem by hastening the facial muscles that retain the fat in the area.

If the eye bags are acute and there is a darker baseline of bare skin below them, it may alert thyroid or hormonal illness. Individuals with such seriousness must consult a physician in this circumstance.

Thus, these are the possible differences between eye bags and dark circles. Ensure you get timely help. Contact Wellbeing Clinic for the best dark circles treatment in Dubai.

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