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Do you have a fear of hair shedding before going for the hair loss treatment in Dubai? There are a few things that you should keep in mind before reaching the conclusion. Let’s understand the hair loss cycle and why the hair shedding myths arise for laser hair treatment.

The Cycle of Hair loss

There are typically three phases of hair loss. Those are:

  • Active stage (anagen)
  • Transitional stage (catagen)
  • Resting stage (Telogen)


Hair in the first stage is in the growth period, and they usually stay there for two to six years, based on several factors, including genetics. Hair undergoes a brief transitional period after it. All blood flow to the hair follicle is shut for 2 to 3 weeks throughout this period. After the temporary transitional cycle, a hair’s existence finally ends as it reaches the final stage, telogen.

A hair dies and transforms from a firm, terminal hair to a thin, brittle vellus hair after 2 to 3 months. Although telogen hair dies, a new hair shaft can start forming in its spot, allowing for new hair growth. Sometimes, this may not be the case. Specific follicles rarely regenerate themselves if you have hair loss.

Where has the Shedding Myth come from?

Dead hair is swiftly discarded but to create space for new, healthier strands.

Yes, when you initially start laser hair loss treatment in Dubai, you may notice more hair falling off. This hair, on the other hand, is in the final resting stage. And, your scalp doesn’t want to have them. Their exit is beneficial to you because it allows for the emergence of new anagen hair.

While the untrained eye can’t see the difference between active and resting hair, experts and physicians can. Anagen hair has a thicker strand, sebum, as well as a hair bulb at the root of the hair. The shaft of telogen hair is significantly shorter. There are no hair bulbs and no oil ducts.

You must realise that laser hair treatment does not trigger shedding. Whereas when you use laser therapy on the hair, the growth phase of the hair increases. It permits transitional hair to reach the telogen resting stage more quickly, causing telogen strands to drop more speedily and helping young, strong follicles to develop and emerge into a more extended growth period.

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