After-care Tips for Root Canal Treatment

Doesn’t the thought of getting your root canal treated seem scary? However, in reality, it’s just about a slight discomfort in the treatment area, and your gums recover within a few weeks. Well, this is only possible when you take proper care after your root canal treatment in Dubai.

Check out this blog to know such post-treatment tips.

Keep your head up

You may have tenderness and soreness around your mouth immediately following your therapy. Hold your head high and try reclining as far as possible to keep it under control and reduce pain. Also, add some cushions under your neck while you are on your bed to keep your head up.

Gargle warm salt water

One of the most severe consequences following a root canal treatment in Dubai is the infection of the gums around your tooth. This can be painful, so it’s better to avert it. Gargle with salty lukewarm water regularly to keep your mouth clean and prevent infection, enabling you to complete your healing.

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Eat Cautiously

Remember not to chew the food at the side of your mouth, where you had your treatment. Carefully select the food and beverages you take. After a root canal, dental sensitivity may probably increase, in addition to the discomfort. As a result, it is critical to avoid anything that is either extremely hot or extremely cold.

Brush gently

It is necessary to maintain good oral hygiene every day after your root canal. Brush the targeted region lightly but properly to destroy any germs that may reside on or around the site. Use a mouthwash, too, if possible.

Do not do heavy workouts

This is the time to rest. So sit back, relax and avoid excessive movements for at least one week post your root canal therapy. That implies no jogging, trekking, athletics, or heavy lifting.

Take pain relievers

You can take an over-the-counter pain reliever if you cannot handle your pain after the treatment. Furthermore, if your orthodontist recommends any antibiotics, ensure you complete the course as advised.

Contact your dentist if there is an issue

If your sensations are much more extreme or if such symptoms don’t go away, it’s worth visiting your dentist for a checkup. It is necessary, especially if you’re experiencing extensive bleeding, chronic pain, fever, or a drug allergy.


Last but not the least, do not panic. Your gums are going to be well. If you are still in doubt how to proceed with the root canal treatment in Dubai, call Wellbeing Clinic.

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