Back pain is a common health condition, which varies from a twinge to severe pain. People suffering from lower back pain find it a serious setback in the quality of their lives. However, if back pain is not treated in time, it may lead to more serious health conditions that may necessitate surgery. The usual back pain treatment in Dubai remains the non-surgical option like physical therapy. With proper management of back pain, most people recover rapidly.

About Back Pain

The Back pain can have multiple causes, but one of them can be a ‘musculoskeletal disorder’ (MSD),including the repetitive strain injury (RSI), along with neck pain. In most of the pain-related leaves in offices, MSDs remain as the main reason. Studies have found that around 80 percent of people suffering from MSD were back in their work after undergoing physiotherapy. There are a variety of causes to have back pain, including picking up a heavy object to spending along time in a single position. In most of the cases, there are no serious health problems for having back pain.

Physiotherapy in Treating Back Pain 

Physiotherapy is the most common form of treatment for back pain. Hence, if you are suffering from back pain, the first thing you should do is to see an orthopedic doctor who will then refer you to see a physiotherapist for rehabilitation in order to stop the condition from getting worse. A physiotherapist will first make a thorough checking to find out if there is any serious health problem that is related to your back pain. Then they will look for the reasons for the back pain, and find out ways to deal with it.

At Wellbeing Clinic, physiotherapists offer a range of treatments that are proven to be quite effective in back pain treatment. These comprise of manual treatments and acupuncture. When you meet a physiotherapist, they will make an assessment of the spine alignment and will recommend the appropriate treatment and exercise. 

Tips on Getting Relief from Back Pain

  • Do regular activities like walking or swimming
  • Regular exercise and activity are the common ways to keep you free of back pain
  • When driving or at work, avoid long hour of sitting
  • Be careful when bending your knees or hips, or lifting heavy objects
  • Gently stretch yourself regularly to prevent any kind of stiffness setting in
  • Sit with the right posture when working on your computers or watching television
  • Work towards strengthening your trunk muscles to help in back protection
  • Sleep on a good mattress that ensures proper support to your body
  • Do regular exercise and eat a healthy diet to prevent being overweight, and help prevent back pain
  • Ensure correct adjustment of your car seat and office chair for proper support to the back

Bone and Joint Treatments

For those who have undergone bone and joint treatments, it is important for them to undergo specialized therapy sessions as part of their recovery process. At Wellbeing Clinic, one of the leading centers of back pain treatment in Dubai, our therapists and assistants strive to keep up the continuity of care and treatment, as they develop a customized treatment plan for the individual, helping them to get back to an active lifestyle in the quickest time possible.

Physical therapy and exercise help in improving the flexibility and strength of the muscle, and also to improve the healing process with improved blood flow to the pain area. The physiotherapist works towards providing relief as well as rehabilitation and education that often lessen the need for further medications.

The Expectations

Treatment plans are made after considering the specific needs, objectives,and abilities of the patient, and are so designed as to reduce the swelling and pain and improve the strength, movement, balance,and gait. Our expert physiotherapists have considerable knowledge about treatment goals and work towards improving the well-being of the patient, keeping in view the body’s limitations with the degree of pain. The physiotherapist works closely with the patient to help in bringing back strength and motion as well as activity, and these they do by providing certain exercises, stretches,and techniques that are appropriate to the condition, using the correct equipment to deal with.

Be sure to contact Wellbeing Clinic and set up an appointment. The physiotherapists will discuss with you and come up with the appropriate back pain treatment that is specific to your needs.


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