As we age, every part of our body goes through changes, including our skin. Melasma is a skin condition characterized by tan and blue-grey coloration on the skin. Known to be most common in middle-aged women, the condition is quite persistent among the reproductive years. Melasma is a form of facial pigmentation, and it’s typically found in three different areas of the face, the jawline, the central part of the face, and the cheekbones. Many people will notice melasma on the bridge of their nose, chin, and forehead, but it may appear on other areas of the body, including the neck, chest, or arms—any patch of skin that sees the sun a lot.

Even though melasma doesn’t have lasting or serious health consequences, but it does affect your physical appearance and self-confidence. But the good news is that the condition is completely treatable and the melasma treatment in Dubai can help you get back your normal beautiful skin.

Why melasma is caused?

Even though the exact cause behind melasma is yet to be known, but various researches do draw the inference that it might be caused due to the skin coloring cells in the body. It is said, the melanocytes create too much color and that’s what becomes prominent on the top of the skin. Certain factors leading to melasma are as follows:

Hormonal Fluctuations

Any shift in hormones can trigger melasma. Pregnant women experience significant hormonal fluctuations, and melasma is so common during the gestational period that it’s become known as the “Mask of Pregnancy.” Birth control and hormonal replacement medication can also contribute to hyper pigmentation.

Sun Exposure

Ultraviolet rays can stimulate the melanocytes in your skin, and sun exposure can make melasma worse. That’s why melasma tends to be worse in the summer, and faded hyper pigmentation may return when you spend too much time in the sun.

Different Types of Melasma

Melasma is mainly known to be of three types:
1. The epidermal
2. The dermal melasma
3. The mixed melasma

The epidermal melasma

This is characterized by dark patches with the well-defined border on the skin. They usually respond very well to the melasma treatment in Dubai.

The Dermal Melasma

In this type of melasma, you can see light brown or bluish patches will light border. They do respond to the treatment but not very immediate or fast. It takes time and patience.

The Mixed Melasma

This is the most common type of melasma diagnosed and is characterized by a combination of light and dark brown patches and bluish discoloration. This type is relatively responsive to treatment.

Melasma treatment in Dubai

Melasma treatment carried out in Dubai is a noninvasive process and is absolutely pain-free. The treatment is carried out by highly qualified professionals who make sure that no information is missed. Even though melasma does not have a permanent cure because it is due to a hormonal imbalance, the pigmentation and melasma can be maintained though various skin care treatments in our Dubai clinic. The Wellbeing Clinic provides the best care for the melasma treatment in Dubai. Each treatment is custom tailored for patients and they make sure that everybody gets the best treatment here.

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