Fixing the appearance of one’s teeth, whether it is color or shape or orientation, is one of the most wanted desires of each and every person. No one is satisfied with what they have, and everyone wants a dazzling, Hollywood like sparkling teeth to capture the attention in public appearances. With Hollywood Smile, it is a popular treatment where the patient undergoes a dental makeover that makes their teeth whiter, and helps to align them and bring a proper shape to the teeth.

Hollywood Smile Procedures

Those who have broken or missing teeth, need to whiten them or the improvement or the correction of the smile lines and the positioning needs to be done, they can go for the Hollywood Smile treatment. Some of the procedures are given below.

Teeth Color

The discoloration of the teeth or the stains that have acquired over time can be bleached and fair and shining white teeth can be attained with this procedure. One can even get the crowns or the fillings to be modified and optimized to look best with the white complexion of the teeth. It is done in a way such that the whitening stays for a long time.

Teeth Gap

When the decay of teeth starts, the person can end up with a missing tooth if not treated correctly. Also, normal gaps in teeth are also found from person to person. To fix this, dental bridges, dentures or implants are used and they are so fixed that the gap in the teeth gets as reduced as possible.

Teeth Alignment

People often have asymmetrical or overlapping teeth. This gives quite a bad first impression in social gatherings. To correct this, either cosmic dentistry like braces is used, or full mouth reconstruction is performed. After the treatment, the teeth are perfectly aligned.

Teeth Shape

The shape of the teeth is one of the most important things and a lot of people need to get them corrected. To do this, gum reduction techniques are used to shorten or lengthen the teeth, as per the need of the patient. With using veneers or braces, the shape of the teeth can be completely changed and made more desirable, and the overall look can be made more attractive.

Balance of Gum

The gum balance can be easily attained by either using crowns in between or by performing a surgery.

Shape of Face

Even the face shape is important to complete the Wellbeing Clinic Hollywood Smile look. It can get vastly changed with age and work. Therefore, introducing orthodontics to fill up the lost space or performing oral maxillofacial surgeries can help a person to bring out the best shape in the face.

Thus, with Hollywood Smile, a person can get the best facial makeover one can dream of and attain perfect teeth that will help one to ooze with self esteem and confidence whenever a conversation is going on. The modifications are however, quite expensive, but if one is looking to significantly improve their social stature, the treatment is worth all the money.