Monalisa Touch Laser vg Rejuvenation – a game changing therapy for restoring vg health

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As women through a lot of changes in their life throughout pregnancy, childbirth, hormonal issues and ageing, this can challenge their bodies to cause major changes like loss of functionality, stress urinary incontinence, loss of v lubrication, painful intercourse and a decrease in the v muscle tone. Thanks to the technological and medical science advancement, […]

Monalisa Touch Laser vg Rejuvenation in Dubai

Laser vg rejuvenation is a medical aesthetic procedure used for treating inner walls laxity, treating urinary incontinence, enhancing intimate functioning, and improving pelvic organ prolapse. There are several reasons like estrogen deficiency that can lead to physical changes to the vulva, and lower urinary tract. These changes can cause v dryness, irritation, burning, painful intercourse, […]