The stretch marks are the result of damages done to the elastic fibers of the skin. Stretch marks in women occur mostly after pregnancy, though their appearance could also be the result of sudden weight gain. Depending on the skin tone, the color of stretch marks could be pink, dark brown, or reddish brown.

The appearance of stretch marks also depends on the ethnicity and heredity of the person. In typical cases, stretch marks get a silvery streaked look with the passage of time. One will come across many creams and lotions that claim to remove or decrease stretch marks, though these claims are yet to be corroborated. Laser treatment for stretch marks removal is one of the newest treatments that appear to be working fine in decreasing their appearance.
Stretch Mark

Stretch marks refer to the streaks of pink or reddish brown color that are seen on the body parts where there has been rapid stretching of the skin. Due to elastic nature of the skin, it gets stretched when there is a rapid gain of body weight or to make room for a fast developing fetus. With time, the deepest skin layer tends to tear, leading to thin streak marks appearing on the top layer of the skin, which is called the stretch marks.

The areas where stretch marks appear are the abdominal area, hips, breasts, thighs, lower back or upper arms. Pregnant women get stretch marks in their abdominal area due to the fast stretching of the skin or due to growing fetus. During puberty, women have sudden growth, and that could cause stretch marks to appear on certain body parts. Stretch marks also occur as a result of corticosteroids and Cushing’s syndrome.

The laser is a well-tolerated treatment for stretch marks appearing due to:

  • Pregnancy
  • Weight change
  • Puberty
  • Hormonal changes

Irrespective of the cause for which stretch marks appear, the use of a laser for the removal of stretch marks is an advanced method that helps the recipient of the treatment in getting a smoother and clearer skin. There is no downtime with this non-surgical approach to treatment.
About Laser Stretch Marks Removal Treatment
Laser treatment for stretch marks is a fast, easy and FDA-approved method that has proven to provide back the natural appearance of the skin. Although comparatively recent, the laser surgery gives good results in early stages of development of stretch marks. The treatment involves the use of a concentrated light beam on the stretch marks. With the removal of the skin layer of the treated area, the stretch marks too disappear, and in its place, new skin tissue appears. Soon after the treatment, the skin gets a blistered and bruised look for few days, which disappears with the formation of new skin. Studies conducted have shown considerable improvement after laser surgery of stretch marks as more collagen is produced with stimulation of the skin. There are various types of laser treatment for stretch marks removal to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
Legato Microplasma Using Ultrasound, Laser and Radio Frequency
Legato II is appropriate for use on all skin types, including dark and sensitive skin, and making it an ideal method for scar removal and skin repair with excellent clinical outcomes. Legato RF laser improves the color and skin texture associated with stretch marks, with minimal pain and downtime. The treatment replaces the older scarred tissues with new collagen and elastic fibers, minimizing the appearance of stretch marks, and leaving patients with a smoother and better-looking skin.
Fractional CO2 Laser
Using the new technology of Fractional CO2 Laser, it is fairly easy to treat stretch marks. After the resurfacing treatment, your skin heals naturally, and the new layer appears much more radiant and healthy, with the unsightly stretch marks and fine lines no longer visible on your skin.
Cost of Laser Stretch Marks Removal Treatment
Due to the variable nature of the key determinants, the cost of laser treatment for stretch marks removal is not fixed and varies according to the size of the area needing treatment, and from person to person. At Wellbeing Clinic, a team of highly-qualified European certified Laser and Skin Care Specialists with license by the Health Authority performs the laser stretch marks removal treatment. Price for the treatment is AED 3000 and above for an approximate A4 size area. For your specific case, you should fix an appointment with one of our stretch marks removal experts in Dubai and find out the cost involved in providing the treatment.
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