A tattoo is a form of an art which interests an increasing number of men and women. It is the art of inking your skin with designs and colors of your choice. However, removing those tattoos removed is one big task that lies ahead in front of people who wish to get rid of their ink. The problem occurs with permanently inked tattoos that are difficult or nearly impossible to remove.

This is the reason for the growing need of tattoo removal in Dubai through laser treatments.

The Laser tattoo removal procedure has seen a great improvement in popularity amongst men and women across different age groups. Lasers are known to be one of the most effective, risk-free and cost-effective options to get tattoos removed easily and quickly. Also, newer and better laser advancements for tattoo removal has encouraged more and more people to look forward to removing tattoos using the laser as it promises great results in a short span of time.

Reputed medical centers such as Wellbeing Clinic specialize in laser tattoo removal in Dubai that is considered as one of the most effective techniques in painlessly and safely removing permanent tattoos from the skin. With laser treatments for tattoo removal, it is highly important that you consult an experienced team of surgeons who can help you determine your suitability for such treatments.  Do not undergo any form of surgery or laser treatment if you don’t receive a recommendation from your surgeon for the particular procedure.

Because of the safe, risk-free and convenient nature of laser tattoo removal procedures, recognized medical spas like Wellbeing Clinic recommend laser treatment and offer the best prices on such treatments to help patients in a better and smoother way.

An overview of the laser treatment:

  • To remove unwanted body designs, the laser technique is an ideal choice for men and women with varying skin types and colors.
  • Using a high-intensity beam of light, the laser procedure works by breaking up the pigment colors, reducing their appearance and removing them eventually.
  • It is easiest to remove black color pigment as it has the ability to absorb all laser wavelengths with great convenience and without any effort.
  • Laser wavelengths need to be adjusted for different pigment colors for the treatment to work effectively in removing undesirable ink designs.

The benefits of laser tattoo removal techniques:

  • The laser treatment for tattoo removal works for everyone, irrespective of skin types, and colors. The universal applicability of laser tattoo removal treatments is the reason for being a favorite option amongst many people.
  • The laser beam lights can be adjusted as per an individual patient’s requirement, which makes them an ideal tattoo removal technique today. Each tattoo is unique, and to match and target the uniqueness of different tattoos, laser treatments can be tailored and customized as per a patient’s need, requirement and suitability.
  • Patients who have previously undergone a laser treatment for tattoo removal can go for repeated sessions without having a second doubt.
  • As long as there isnot much scarring as a result of previous treatment or removal of tattoos, laser treatments work effectively well in removing all types and color pigments of tattoos.

Preparing for a laser tattoo removal treatment:

  • You may be required to undergo more than one or two sessions of the treatment to observe complete results. This depends on the size and color of your tattoo.
  • Always remember to consult an experienced doctor or surgeon to determine your suitability for this treatment. It is essential that you get your personal and health conditions evaluated and receive advice on the type of results or risks that you may face during and after the treatment.
  • Laser treatments vary and are adjusted for different patients with varying needs. A doctor needs to consider important factors such as the patient’s skin, depth of the tattoo pigment, the of the patient, and type of the tattoo, etc. It allows the doctor to adjust laser wavelengths and customize the treatment to produce exceptional results for patients.
  • Before the treatment is started, your skin’s reaction to the laser will be tested to accurately determine the most effective energy level for your skin and body.
  • Smaller tattoos require smaller wavelengths and fewer pulses as compared to the energy level required to remove larger body tattoos.
  • Post treatment, your doctor may prescribe medicated ointments and creams to help you protect and take care of your skin. Usually, a cooling gel or ointment is applied on the treated skin after the laser treatment has been completed.
  • Most patients do not require anesthesia. However, depending on the location of the tattoo and the patient’s comfort level, your doctor may use a mild anesthesia to reduce the pain or discomfort during the treatment.

Laser tattoo removal is the best option to get permanently inked tattoos removed from your body. If you are particularly looking for a painless and thorough procedure that also carries minimal side effects, then a laser treatmentis the best way to get rid of those undesirable tattoos from your body.