There are a lot of reasons why people choose dental aligners and invisible aligners over dental braces that are clear or invisible are not solely because of cosmetic factors. Yes, it is true that many choose these plastic appliances to save themselves from embarrassment while smiling or talking that comes with clunky braces, but there are other solid reasons as well that might lead one to choose them over the traditional braces.

Reason 1

The first reason as has been already mentioned is cosmetic nature. Unlike braces, these invisible aligners are as is given in the name itself-invisible. They are made of clear plastic material that makes them less noticeable while one is wearing them, people can’t identify whether someone is using aligners or not.

Reason 2

The second reason is its effectiveness. It is true they are as effective as braces but their advantage lies in the fact that treating misalignment of teeth using them takes a lot less time. They apply pressure on your teeth and push them to their ideal positions. While one might have to wear braces for a year or two, with aligners one might get treated within a few months.

Reason 3

The third argument in their favor is their effect on daily life. A person wearing a brace has to make sure to avoid certain kinds of food that might affect the braces. Sometimes food particles can get stuck in between them and may lead to further problems if not taken care of immediately. Also, one has to be extra careful as far as oral health is concerned for the period they are worn. With aligners, all these problems are eliminated. The fact that one can remove them as per wish to brush teeth or eat food makes them quite an attractive option.

Reason 4

Clear aligners are removable and hence offer no restrictions on food consumption. This still permits you to eat all of your favorite creature comforts. Fixed braces restrict the consumption of sticky, chewy, hard or stringy food that might get stuck in the brackets or break them.

Reason 5

The aligners can be taken off and cleaned thoroughly, allowing patients to maintain good oral hygiene throughout treatment. Metal brackets and wires make it difficult to brush and floss properly, which could lead to cavities and tooth discoloration.

Reason 6

Treatment with aligners is often much shorter compared to those with braces. So not only they are more convenient but also helps to fix your crooked teeth must faster.

Smile affects one’s personality more than you realize. Switching to invisible aligners is probably the best decision you can take to fix your broken and crooked teeth. You can call up Wellbeing Clinic to fix an appointment and get the get invisible aligners that are suitable for you.