Do you want a body that fits you without surgery or donwtime?

Getting rid of excess fat and slimming down is not as hard as before. You don’t have to spend money on surgeries with downtime to reach your ideal shape, all thanks to the latest technological advancements. And even though we encourage exercise and a healthy diet, we offer several fat loss treatment in Dubai.

At the Wellbeing Clinic, we have an HD Slimming program that has been known to be extremely effective. Through this approach, we use the latest technology to remove fat deposits using non-invasive methods. The program can be customized according to the patients. For this, we use a number of different treatments like Fat Freeze Cryolipolysis, Lipolysis, Radio Frequency, Vacuum RF, Pressotherapy, EMS, Infrared Wrap, Lymphatic Drainage, Muscle Toning, etc. The best part about all these procedures is that there will be no usage of anesthesia and no scars or down-time after the procedure.

Fat freezing treatment or the cryogenic lipolysis is a slimming procedure in which a specialist will be freezing your fat cells for a certain duration. This helps in reducing the fat cells in the body. Fat freezing, Dubai can be considered as a non-surgical option for people who don’t want to go for liposuction. This procedure originated during the research conducted on frostbite. It was found that before the skin starts freezing, the fat cells would freeze. When conducted by a professional, this procedure can be targeted anywhere; this includes arms, tummy, or thighs. So, the patient will be able to select the problematic areas that you might have.

Now, fat doesn’t have the same weight as the muscle. So, going through the fat freezing treatment, it will help you lose fat and inches. Even though you won’t be seeing any major improvements in the scale, when you see the fat reduced, it will count when your clothes will fit better. With a healthy diet and an exercise routine, you will be able to control your weight longterm.

There have been many celebrities that have used fat freezing procedures (different types of technologies) to lose excess fat from their body. This includes Gemma Collins, Khloe Kardashian, Molly Sims, Ferne McCann, and Antony Costa.

At the Wellbeing Clinic, we offer PROSHOCK ICE Fat Freeze Cryolipolysis treatment for our customers. During the procedure of fat freezing, Dubai, a non-invasive device, is used for treating the localized cellulite and adiposity no matter what stage they are in. We use Ice-shock lipolysis for freezing the fat called Ice Lipolysis. In this, a controlled cooling system is used for eliminating adipose cells. The specialist will ensure that no damage happens to the surrounding tissues.

PROSHOCK ICE Fat Freeze Cryolipolysis is an FDA-approved, non-invasive, simple, and one-of-a-kind procedure that can be customized for men and women. Immediately after the procedure, you will be able to see a reduction in the treated areas. Also, you will be able to see improved cutaneous texture just after the first session.

Here is why Fat Freezing, Dubai is better than other surgical treatments for weight loss:

  • It is a non-invasive procedure
  • After the treatment, you will be able to get back to our normal daily routine and physical activities immediately.
  • You won’t be experiencing any discomfort or pain during or after the procedure.
  • This is a safe procedure. The cooling system will only be affecting the fat cells. The surrounding tissues will be left intact and unaffected.
  • The procedure doesn’t require the use of anesthesia, which makes it easy to perform this in any office.
  • It gives amazing results. In just few weeks, you will be able to see a great fat reduction and an improvement in cellulite.

During the procedure of fat loss treatment, Dubai, the patients will have to sit for about 2 hours. During this, cooling paddles will be applied to the targeted area. When considered the right way, fat freezing can help in losing fat. But, as it is common with different cosmetic treatments, the result of the procedure can vary from patient to patient. Also, it might take weeks or months for you to notice the results of the procedure. In most cases, you will be able to see a mild reduction in fat like less bulging in a concerning area or an improved waistline after the fat loss treatment, Dubai.