Acne Scars Treatment in Dubai

Fractional Laser CO2, Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, Hollywood Peel with Spectra Laser

No matter how severe your acne scars are, you don’t have to live with your blemishes. In fact, you can experience a smoother skin texture and a generally improved appearance by undergoing the acne scars treatment in Dubai. While these treatments might require a bit of recovery time, they provide real time results for those dealing with unsightly deep scars.

acne scar treatment in dubai

Spots and Scars Causes

Most scars that appear look like blemishes or craters in the skin’s surface, although acne also causes painful raised scars called keloids or red, pink or purple spots on the skin, which are not technically scars because they fade in time.

Acne causes inflammation and infection, often just below the skin. Acne scars are mostly the product of severely inflamed lesions like papule, cyst and pustule. When acne breakouts penetrate the skin deeply, they damage the skin tissues beneath. After the acne clears, body repairs this damage with the collagen production. The scars can be depressed if there is little collagen and they can be raised if there is too much collagen produced.

Also, when the lesions clear, the skin reacts with what dermatologists call “post-acne hyperpigmentation,” which means that the inflammation caused the skin to turn dark or coloured where the lesion had been. These spots look like scars, but dermatologists and skin care specialists consider them to be real scars, since they fade in time. However, this fading process can take years if you don’t proceed with a serious treatment.

Treatment Options

Various options are available for the treatment of acne scars depending on the severity and type of scars. The options include:

  • Microdermabrasion: Microdermabrasion is most effective in treating the common pockmark-type acne scars. The specialist will use very small particles or even a wand tipped with diamond to literally remove some of the skin’s top layer, which encourages growth of new skin cells. This evens out the skin’s texture, making the scars less visible. The procedure does not require any pain-deadening medication and has no side effects beyond temporary skin redness.
  • CO2 Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing: This is one of the most effective laser treatments. Known as a laser peel, this is the most demanded and result-oriented cosmetic procedure for acne scars treatment: it rejuvenates skin removing the damaged outer layers of the skin, stimulating the production of collagen, bringing out smoother and younger looking skin.
  • Dermapen Microneedling: Dermapen Micro Needling Treatment of Acne Scars is a convenient and effective way of performing needle dermabrasion with the adjustable needles that penetrate a controlled depth into the dermis. The dermis develops multiple microbruises, which start a cascade of growth factor release and collagen production.Results are initially seen in four to six weeks and full effect will take three months to develop.
  • Chemical Peels: The chemical peels are aesthetic procedures that improve the texture and colour of the skin by removing the outer layers of skin which may be damaged by severe acne, sun, scarring or pigmentation problems. There are different types of peels: mild peels and TCA peels (medium) meant to remove darker sun spots/freckles, age spots and reduce considerably melasma pigmentation. Patients should avoid direct sun exposure after the chemical peels and should moisturize daily the skin.
  • Dermal Fillers: This treatment is suitable for mild to moderate depressed acne scars. Dermal fillers are non-invasive and painless treatment but their results are temporary.

*Acne scars treatment results with Fractional CO2 (before & after):

(photos courtesy of DEKA website)

acne scar treatment in dubai

* Results may vary from person to person.