Sometimes regular exercising and a healthy diet are not enough for shedding those extra pockets of fat. In such cases, it might be time to turn to non-invasive fat loss procedures. But not everyone is comfortable with going through a surgical procedure for fat loss like liposuction. For such people, there are several fat loss procedures that are non-surgical, where you can have some weight loss as well.

Non-surgical fat reduction treatments are minimally invasive procedures where fat cells are selectively broken down to reduce the size of fat pockets. Each of these treatments is FDA-approved and can lead to fat loss without any downtime or surgery. One example of these fat loss treatments is Fat freezing. You can go through the procedure of fat freezing in Dubai at Wellbeing Clinic and other clinics in Dubai.

Also known as cryolipolysis, fat freezing is a procedure in which the fat is reduced by freezing them for a certain period of time. It uses an innovative, patented technology called “Ice-shock-lipolysis™.” This method incorporates a technology: “ice-lipolysis™,” which is a controlled cooling system that can eliminate excess adipose cells without damaging the surrounding tissues.

This fat freezing treatment, in combination with few other technologies, can be considered as a non-surgical alternative to the liposuction procedure as it will have a good inch loss result. The concept behind this procedure is that fat cells freeze before skin. The professional can target any problematic area like arms, tummy, or thighs.

If done right by a professional, the procedure can help you lose fat. However, like any other cosmetic procedure, this fat loss treatment is not right for everyone. Also, the result of fat freezing can differ for every person as factors like age, fat type (hard or soft), skin type, skin laxity, and even the lifestyle of the person, can affect the results proces

Nevertheless, fat freezing is an effective treatment with the following benefits:

  1.  Natural-looking results – With the fat freezing treatment, you will get gradual natural-looking and impressive results. In some cases, the results can be seen in 3 visits, while for others, it can take up to 15 visits or more depending also on the expectation of every person.
  2. No downtime – Since this is not a surgical procedure, you won’t need any recovery period. There can be some very mild swelling and redness due to the process of freezing and killing fat cells in the body. But after the treatment, you can immediately return to your daily routine with no discomfort.
  3. Long-lasting results – When you exercise or diet, the fat cells only decrease in size. Since they are still in the body, regaining fat can be easy. You will have to change your lifestyle routine and diet, as well as your exercise regime. The biggest benefit of fat freezing is that it is reducing the targeted fat cells.
  4. Efficient – To expedite the slimming process, the fat freezing treatment has the ability to target multiple fat areas, which can be done every 3-5 days apart. The targeted areas to be treated can include the stomach, thighs, chin, flanks, and upper arms.
  5. FDA-approved – Fat freezing treatment is an FDA-approved procedure that makes it an extremely effective and safe treatment. You can use this treatment to remove fat bulges visible in the abdomen and flanks. These devices have built-in safety measures.

Overall, you can consider fat freezing to be a high-tech way of losing fat and slimming down. Thanks to the new research and high-definition technology, losing body fat is more effective nowadays. You can get the fat freezing in Dubai at our skincare clinic, Wellbeing Clinic. And even though we still sustain exercise and a healthy diet, we encourage you to give our fat freezing treatment or HD Slimming program a try. Apart from the obvious benefits of our HD slimming program, reviews from our happy patients are sure to make you believe in progress.

HD slimming program is a unique program offered by the Wellbeing Clinic. It uses the latest, high-tech slimming technology to provide services like slimming, body contouring, cellulite reduction, and fat loss. This non-invasive removal of fat deposits doesn’t involve anesthesia, scars, or downtime.

Through this procedure, we can provide you a reduction of stubborn fat. The procedure is painless. The devices used in the program have heat or pulsed vacuum intensity adjustment to suit the patient’s sensitivity. The HD slimming for Body Contouring, Waistline Contour, or Cellulite reduction can be customized to each person’s fat loss requirements. This is done through treatments like Radio Frequency, Vacuum RF, Infrared wrap, Lipolysis for fat melting, Fat Freeze Cryolipolysis, Muscle Toning, EMS, Lymphatic Drainage, and Pressotherapy. So, for any fat loss treatment in Dubai, make an appointment with the Wellbeing Clinic today.