For the citizens of Dubai, and especially all of UAE, it is no surprise that most of them suffer from skin conditions known as Melasma. As for the dermatologists, it is quite common for the Melasma treatment in Dubai and the patients have been increasing over time.


Melasma is a well known chronic condition of the skin. The women who are in an age group of 20 years to 40 years are most likely to be affected by it. For the people having particularly brown skin, or the ones who get tanned more easily are more likely to catch melasma. The normal way to recognize melasma is by identifying the formation of the brownish type pigmentation in the face. The shape is mostly symmetrical, and they are usually found in cheeks, but they can also occur in nose, upper lips or the forehead.

Since Melasma is a skin disorder that affects many people, there are various factors that play a role in the formation of the typical spots in the face. Therefore, the reasons and causes are quite complex. A genetic predisposition is often found in cases of patients being affected by Melasma, and it can get triggered by causes like exposure to the Sun, which is quite a common cause and major one for the people living in Dubai. Additionally, the causes include functioning of hormones in the body, implants or treatment of hormones, pregnancy and taking oral contraceptives. Even phototoxic reactions caused by certain cosmetics after the exposure to the sun can be a triggering cause.

Ways for Melasma treatment in Dubai

When affected, there are various ways the melasma treatment in Dubai Wellbeing Clinic can be done. The patients must keep in mind that a lot of spots respond way slower than others, so they need to be patient. Sun protection is a must while doing the treatment for melasma, and one can always use effective sunscreens and umbrellas in case they need to go outside during the prime Sun hours. Patients undergoing hormonal treatment needs to discontinue until the treatment for melasma is complete.

Some of the effective treatment options for melasma that can be tried at home, which include the application of Hydroquinone creams, Kojic acid creams, Azelaic acid creams, Topical Retinoid, Alpha hydroxyl acids cream, Arbutin, Glycolic acid products and Vitamin C. One can even use a combination treatment of active ingredients which can accelerate the treatment. As for the dermatology clinics, their treatment of melasma includes the involvement of chemical peeling like Glycolic Acid peels and introduction of laser devices like Q switched lasers or ND YAG. Another way of treating melasma is microdermabrasion, which is slow but effective.

As in general cases, the melasma treatment in Dubai have a lot of options and the treatment procedures can all be tried on various types of skin. The darker skin or the skin containing more melanin needs to be treated more carefully. Ultimately, the most important and basic thing for its treatment is getting protection from the Sun.