A bright smile spreads happiness and if you feel your yellowish teeth or crooked teeth affect that brightness, we can help you restore your beautiful smile. Sometimes all it takes to improve a smile is teeth whitening and the replacement of yellowish or silver fillings. In several cases we just need to place couple of veneers to fill in some gaps, or place a crown so their smile looks perfect. More and more people opt for brighter, whiter teeth as teeth can get stains from food or drinks, medications, alcohol and tobacco use and we have the technologies and best specialists in town to make it happen.

What is the teeth whitening treatment all about?
Teeth whitening Dubai is a very easy procedure and not very expensive either. It is a quick and efficient method to get teeth look brighter and at the same time, guarantees lasting results if you take some home care advices. Professional teeth whitening treatment offers a better alternative.

At Wellbeing Clinic, we offer teeth whitening treatment as part of customized dentistry as we believe that each case is unique. This procedure can remove stains and discolouration in a single treatment. The teeth whitening procedure is called ‘Pearl White Smile’ by Zoom Teeth Whitening.

Whitening bleaches out stains that dull teeth. This treatment is very effective in removing the stains that stain the enamel, the outermost layer of your teeth. For around 24 hours after this treatment teeth are more likely to stain. That is the reason doctors recommend avoiding eating certain foods.

Treatments for Teeth whitening Dubai have seen a huge positive response from our patients. Today, in order to meet the beauty standards of perfection, most people are undergoing the teeth whitening treatment which is no doubt an effective way of whitening your natural teeth.

Food to Avoid After Teeth Whitening
Here are a few food items that you should avoid to prevent staining of your teeth after Teeth Whitening in Dubai:

  1. Coffee and Tea
    Coffee and tea are two such drinks that can stain the teeth if you consume them within 24 hours of the treatment. So the doctors dealing with teeth whitening Dubai recommend avoiding them at all costs. The reason tea and coffee stain your teeth yellow because it has a substance called tannins.
  2. Red Wine
    Red wine is another drink that can stain your teeth, especially as it contains tannin. We should avoid red altogether. The colour red is so strong that you should avoid eating fruits or berries like blackberries and currants. These berries in darker colours have a high quantity of colour which can easily stain the teeth.Teeth whitening Dubai experts suggest alternatives to Red wine, like white wine.
  3. Dark Sauces
    This is relatively a broad category as it includes all kinds of thick back sauce, all sorts of curries/gravy can also be included in this category cause usually they contain ingredients like turmeric, which quickly stains the teeth. So avoid eating these sauces and curries as they stain the teeth and affect your teeth whitening Dubai treatment.
  4. Chocolate
    Any food item that has cocoa in it, such as chocolate sticks, chocolate powder, and even chocolate-flavoured ice cream,etc., you should avoid at all costs after a fresh teeth whitening Dubaiprocedure. However, if you want an alternative and you love desserts, you could stick to eating vanilla ice-cream or a different-flavoured cheesecake instead.
  5. Tobacco
    The doctors dealing with teeth whitening Dubai treatment have recommended not to smoke cigarettes and all other forms which contain the ingredient tobacco as it contains Nicotine and tar which easily gets mixed with saliva and stain the teeth eventually ruining a newly-whitened smile.

Opt for a teeth whitening Dubai treatment
Teeth whitening plays a big role in getting a brighter smile, which will go a long way in making your life better.

A good dentist will make sure that the teeth and gums are healthy before undergoing any teeth whitening procedure, also the dentist should do a teeth cleaning and scaling procedure before teeth whitening.

People can opt for the services of teeth whitening Dubai centres. Your smile plays an important part in your confidence. Opting for professional clinics with a good reputation in order to avoid any other possible problem and stress.

In case of any problem, and to ensure a hassle-free treatment, one should see a clinic for teeth whitening Dubai like Wellbeing Clinic immediately. Regular and consistent dental care will help your teeth stay white for longer. Keep your smile sparkling with professional teeth whitening.