What is Laser vg Rejuvenation?

Laser v rejuvenation therapy or Vaginoplasty is a procedure that is known to be implemented for tightening up the vagina that has become loose from childbirth or aging. The process involves treatment of the labia that can be carried out with v rejuvenation.

The confidence is directly associated with self-esteem and it is seen in the most woman that they drop their confidence after childbirth due to the phenomenon of v loosening. The lowering of self-esteem has been pretty common in women after the v loosening. However, the good news is the event of loosening can be reversed with laser v rejuvenation. Laser vg rejuvenation Wellbeing Clinic is the name given to a cosmetic surgery that can transform both the appearance and feel of the vagina, helping you to feel attractive and confident again.

For many women, the topic of v restorative surgery remains one that is difficult to discuss with anyone beyond very close friends or a trusted surgeon. Because of the delicate nature of the subject, many women have unanswered questions about v restorative surgery. Women get v surgery for a variety of reasons ranging from the desire for a more youthful appearance to the desire to decrease pain and discomfort.

Just as each woman is unique unto herself, each woman’s reasons for getting v restorative surgery are unique in their own ways. Are you considering transforming your life and your body through laser v rejuvenation? If so, then the simple guidelines below will answer some of your most important questions such as how to select a qualified and experienced surgeon, what v restorative surgery entails, and what to expect in the days and weeks following your v restorative surgery.

What is the procedure involved in laser v rejuvenation?

Vaginal restorative surgery is usually thought of as a cosmetic procedure, when in fact there may be numerous functional benefits. There are in fact numerous types of v surgery available to modern women, v restoration being just one type. For the most part, v restorative surgeries such as vaginoplasty and perineoplasty focus on restoring tightening in the v muscles in order to increase sexual pleasure. Clitoral hood reduction and labiaplasty restructure the vagina, increasing stimulation and reducing tissues that can cause pain and irritation. Surgeons can even perform hymenoplasty to restore a hymen that’s been ruptured due to injuries.

How to find an Experienced Labiaplasty Surgeon?

Vaginal rejuvenation surgery is a burgeoning field turning out hundreds of new “expert surgeons” every day. But just because a particular plastic surgeon claims to have expertise in the area of v surgery, that doesn’t mean they have the extent of experience you probably won’t. Presently there isn’t a formal post-graduate certification process for plastic surgeons to become certified in the specialized area of v restorative surgery. This means that a surgeon can take one of several paths towards becoming a labiaplasty “expert.” Some surgeons do nothing more extensive than taking a short lecture course.

Ideally, you will find a plastic surgeon whose training has been extensive and in-depth. When you meet with a plastic surgeon, ask them to explain their training in labiaplasty to you. Keep looking until you find a plastic surgeon that has been through in-depth post-graduate training in v restorative surgery.

Experience is also a major consideration when it comes to deciding on a plastic surgeon. While v surgery is a relatively new field, there are plenty of plastic surgeons who have decided to make v surgery their specialty. Choose a surgeon who specializes in v surgery and who performs them regularly with optimal success rather than a surgeon who has only performed a handful or only performs a handful per year.

laser v rejuvenation

Benefits of opting laser v rejuvenation

Some of the major benefits of laser v Rejuvenation is:

Enhanced sexual pleasure

Whenever you carry out the Laser v Rejuvenation, it will tighten your vagina, which means that both you – and any male partner – will benefit from the increased stimulation which will lead to greater sexual satisfaction and pleasure. vg rejuvenation surgery has been known to dramatically improve the sex lives of many patients. Increased pleasure is perhaps the number one reason women seek improvements to their v health. Women can experience increased pleasure and sensation from sexual intercourse as a result of v rejuvenation treatment. Feeling close and intimate with your partner is an important part of a relationship and one that deserves priority.

Improved v appearance

It can often happen that the vagina becomes so loose that the soft tissue becomes so slack that it protrudes out into the labia. The laser v rejuvenation helps in removing the excess skin from the vagina, which leads to the younger and most aesthetically pleasing and improved looking vagina.

Increased confidence and self-esteem

Feeling unhappy and intimidated with the way your vagina looks can have a negative impact on your confidence. Some women due to lack often tend to avoid lovemaking in total as a result of being unhappy and embarrassed about the intimate area. With a vagina that looks and feels younger, patients can enjoy greater confidence, both in their femininity and in their sexuality.

Prevents premature urination

Premature urination is a common problem that most women face after menopause. Going for laser v rejuvenation can delay the phenomenon and help to revive your youth. However, tighter v muscles can hold urine much better, preventing small, embarrassing leaks.

Provide an improved overall health

Along with the above-mentioned benefits, the laser v rejuvenation can also help your vagina feel better in general. vg dryness is often seen in women above 45. The condition can be combated with the treatment. It will also prevent urinary tract infection and helps in maintaining your overall wellbeing.

Effects of childbirth and aging on the vagina

Vagina being a remarkable part of the human body is not only an organ for sexual pleasure but also the sole organ for childbirth. For a lot of women, their vagina helps them to feel attractive, sexy and feminine. However, as people get older, the appearance of the elasticity of the vagina reduces; it adversely affects the women as her partner as well. The childbirth and aging process are major factors and it can cause some significant changes in the vagina. Some of the reported consequences as told by patients include reduced sensitivity, pain during sex, loss of tightness and a total difference in the appearance of their most intimate area.

The effects that aging has on the vagina can also be significantly disturbing. The reduction of estrogen age can result in dramatic changes in the appearance and function of the vagina. Such as shrinkage of the v opening and length of the vagina. Other than this, the walls of the vagina also become thinner which makes it lose its natural elasticity and moisture. This can cause a sensation of dryness and looseness.

How does laser v rejuvenation work?

In the procedure of laser v rejuvenation, the CO2 laser acts on the v walls through a scanner. This creates indistinguishable micro lesions that trigger the neo-collagenases process. This helps in reorganizing and re-equilibrating the components of the v mucosa. The process is safe and painless and helps in reactivating and reestablishing the normal function of the vagina. The process also improves the symptoms associated with urinary dysfunction. A tissue regeneration process lasting numerous weeks is triggered, but stimulation occurs immediately.

The side effects

The process is usually safe but sometimes women complain about different side effects. For example, slight redness or swelling and some other discomforts that usually disappear later. The results are usually immediate and the improvements are noticed over the subsequent month. The regeneration process that it triggers lasts 40-60 days, after which it is advisable to repeat the treatment. A usual rest of 3 to 4 days of rest is recommended before resuming regular sexual activity. It will be up to your doctor to give you more specific guidance based on the outcome of the treatment.