Melasma is a common skin disorder affecting the face, leading to its discoloration. Melasma usually appears as Tan, Brown, or Blue-gray patches and could also be seen in the upper cheeks, forehead, upper lip, and chin. The main causes for Melasma are external sun exposure, and hormonal changes. Hence, the best and long-lasting treatment works well for Melasma treatment on the principle of lessening or eliminating these factors. Many pregnant women also experience Melasma when pregnant, in which case, the condition usually improves after pregnancy in a natural manner.

Expectation with Hollywood Carbon Peel Treatment

The good thing about Carbon Peel is that there is no downtime in the procedure followed, and it is a great way to rejuvenate the appearance of damaged skin. Moreover, the procedure is gentle and safe to adopt for most types of skin for quick skin revitalization without any downtime that is usual in other types of laser treatments. After undergoing the treatment, the appearance of pigment is reduced, the skin tone becomes even, the fine lines and acne scars are lessened, and the skin feels and looks younger. Although the treatment could be done by itself, it gives good results when there are several treatments performed over time.

Getting Impressive Results with Hollywood Carbon Peel

The Hollywood Carbon Peel with Spectra Lutronic Laser involves the use of specialized laser energy to lessen the visible skin pigmentation, while bettering the skin tone as well as other benefits. In addition to improving uneven pigment, Hollywood Carbon Peel can also lessen the presence of textural irregularities and fine lines. There are two steps involved in the working of the laser energy, first it targets the melanin or pigmentation existing in the cells in a softer manner as the cells are broken up to be removed by the natural removal process of the body. In the second step, the dermis present in the deep of the skin is heated up, leading to the skin to contract and stimulate the collagen. As the treatment provided is gentle to the skin, one need to undergo multiple passes to get the optimum results.

The Procedure

As the laser energy sends out pulses of energy, it removes the Carbon Lotion, and heats up the dermis while ablating the top dead skin layer lightly. The pigment is broken up by the laser energy in the process, and carried away by the removal process of the body. The skin is heated up in the process, leading to contraction of the skin along with encouraging building of the collagen.

To know more about the Hollywood Carbon Peel procedure at Wellbeing Clinic, watch the video below:

Benefits of the Treatment

The use of Hollywood Carbon Peel treatment has numerous benefits. These include:

  • Smoother feeling skin
  • Better skin tone
  • Glowing youthful looking skin
  • Getting gentle treatment many times
  • Lessened acne scars and fine lines

Things to Expect

Before starting, your physician applies a thin layer of Spectra lotion on to the skin. Due to the presence of a mud mask, the skin gets a look of mud mask. The treatment is then started, as the laser energy is applied to the skin. As pulses of laser beam are fired, there will be slight snapping sound that could give you a slight warmth or tingling sensation. In each of the treatment, the physician will perform multiple passes over the skin.

Frequency of Treatments Required

The treatment for aging skin is a continual process. The Hollywood Nano Carbon Peel with Spectra Lutronic Laser is a treatment that you can undergo for a single time or for many times. Due to no-downtime with this treatment, you could go for Nano Carbon Peel with Spectra Lutronic Laser before any special event to make sure that you look your best. The physician will recommend for you the right treatment.


As there are no downtime and no side-effects, one can return to their daily activities soon after undergoing the treatment. It would do well for you to schedule a Spectra Peel treatment.

How painful is the Hollywood Carbon Peel?

It is found that most of the patients who have undergone Hollywood Carbon Peel with Spectra Lutronic Laser treatment have reported no pain; they only felt a light prickling feeling and a slight warming of their skin. Usually, there is no need for topical or anesthesia.

The Nano Carbon Peel with Spectra Lutronic Laser

The good thing about the system is that maximum versatility is there at the time of providing treatment for getting free of scars on different types of skin. The doctor performing the treatment finds more options. As per the requirements of the patient, the settings could be adjusted to provide best comfort during treatment, with no downtime.

Getting a Chemical Peel

To get Melasma treatment, one can also opt for Chemical Peel. The treatment includes the use of glycolic acid or some other chemical abrasive for peeling the top layer of the skin having Melasma. Liquid chemical is applied on the affected area with the intention of forming a mild chemical burn that leads to falling off the burned layers that leaves behind the skin free of Melasma. However, there could be reappearance of Melasma if no treatment of the underlying imbalances is done. Chemical peel usually involves glycolic acid, though tri-chloroacetic acid is also used for treatment. However, using this chemical could make the process a little more painful at a later stage. In severe cases, tri-chloroacetic acid is a better option indeed.