A perfect smile is probably one of the items on a checklist for becoming a celebrity. All these Hollywood celebrities seem to have a flawless smile. But do you think they were born with it? Or could it be that they are as normal as you and me and had to undergo cosmetic dentistry for those perfect set of teeth?

Most of them go for porcelain veneers Dubai. These are the most common type of cosmetic dentistry. The teeth get a covering using a porcelain shell. This shell has special customisation for each tooth for a proper fit over the tooth to give it a new stainless look.

Celebs who smile brighter now after getting porcelain veneers

Some of the most famous names in Hollywood who have porcelain veneers are:

1. Tom Cruise
The heartthrob of Hollywood not always had that million-dollar perfect smile on his face. Tom Cruise went through various dental procedures including straightening of teeth, and more recently with porcelain veneers.
This miraculous smile is not a dream anymore. You can get porcelain veneers Dubai at our clinic, Wellbeing Clinic.

2. Miley Cyrus
Miley has been in light since childhood. If you remember her in Hannah Montana, her teeth were quite different. They were visibly smaller and missed the sparkle. She too underwent dental treatment for this flawless smile of hers.

3. Zac Efron
Famous for his roles in High School Musical, Zac and his smile has won the heart of millions. However, if you look at his throwback picture, you will find a gap in his teeth. Credits have to be given to his dentist for a perfect job with those veneers.
This is evidence that porcelain veneers also help in covering up small gaps between teeth. If you are looking for getting porcelain veneers Dubai, we can help you with it.

4. Hilary Duff
Hilary Duffis one actress who endorsed a perfect smile. But she chipped her incisor tooth on a microphone back in 2009. She went ahead and got veneers after the incident.

5. Nicolas Cage
Before getting any success in Hollywood, Nicolas’ teeth were stained yellow. He underwent dental treatment to get rid of them.

6. Lindsay Lohan
This young American actress had small and stained teeth before 2014. Lindsay Lohan most probably got veneers to land up that gorgeous smile. The sparkle in her smile cannot go unnoticed now.
Anyone can go through this transformation. If you are looking for porcelain veneers Dubai, you should check out our treatments.

7. Morgan Freeman
It is widely known that Morgan Freeman had quite imperfect teeth before he decided to go ahead and make them flawless with veneers. His teeth were unequal and discoloured. He did achieve a facial transformation with his dental treatments.

8. Victoria Beckham
This style diva and Spice Girls fame actress has not always been as perfect from head to toe. Victoria Beckham had crooked and stained teeth before her fame. She seemed to have gone through cosmetic dentistry to sport her currently fabulous white smile.

9. George Clooney
Been voted as the Sexiest Man Alive by People’s Magazine, George Clooney is eye candy. It is reported that George had a habit of grinding his teeth which eventually made them shorter. He went ahead with dental veneers to get back his long teeth and charming smile.
The dental treatment did give this man a brand new spark. You too can get porcelain veneers Dubai at our centre.

10. Demi Moore
This American actress and producer had stained teeth earlier. It is reported that Demi Moore underwent teeth whitening treatments and got veneers to improve her teeth.

All these celebrities are live examples of how big a transformation can dental treatment bring about in your entire look.

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